The Four Finger Save Swipe

The problem

Operating your smartphone while driving can end up disastrously. Yet, it is quite hard to resist using your phone in the car or on your bike.

The solution

Now, what if all apps would simply stop working, when your device exceeds a certain speed? That approach wouldn’t work for those traveling by train, or sitting next to a driver.

That’s why Brave New App invented the  Four Finger Save Swipe.


This swipe is impossible to perform with both or even one hand on the steering wheel. However, the co-pilot or the person on the backseat can do this easily.



The application

Brave New App will soon distribute some sample code as Open Source.

Any developer with a sense of responsibility can then add this code to his apps. When implemented, the screen of the apps will be blocked when the smartphone exceeds a certain speed. Brave New App did some cycling through Amsterdam, and decided that 15 km/h is a good threshold: During workouts, the app is still operational, but on a bike, quite soon the app will block: A lock screen will appear, that you can only dismiss with the Four Finger Save Swipe.

This is obviously a transitional solution. It would be much better, if Apple and Google would implement a similar (or smarter) mechanism at the operating system level.

It wouldn’t surprise us, if eventually, there would be some kind of legislation, that would enforce a speed limit, just as there is a limit to the headphones’ output level.

To developers

Want to be a responsible developer ? Drop a mail to, and we’ll keep you informed about sample code.